This is a pilot, searchable database for articles, reports, and monitoring data pertaining to the Upper South Platte watershed. We provide a collection of abstracts with information designed for scholarly researchers, interested individuals, and agency partners. When possible we have included links to the article, but some articles exist on pay-for-use sites only, so it is the researcher’s responsibility to acquire rights to view or print such articles on their own.

The search panel is on the right, and is a handy way to find specific information. Select advanced search to browse categories, tags (which include topics/or keywords), or by title, author, subject. The search function improves the more it is used, so go wild, and let us know what works and what doesn’t.

The Monitoring page can only be accessed by registered members. We invite partners to resister and make use of this function. All data is stored on a local database and available to partners on request. All registrations are moderated, and as such, up to a day may be required after registration for you to receive confirmation. The webmaster will approve legitimate user accounts and send you your password. Once you have logged in you will be able to submit monitoring reports. You will also be able to change your password, but please try and use a complex, unguessable password for your and our protection.

We will expand the listing as we find more articles, reports, and data. If you have advice or suggestions on making this a more useful resource, or if you have information (reports, maps, data, articles, etc.) to share on the site, please email us Here