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Case Study of the Upper South Platte Watershed, Colorado.

Abstract (Restoration Areas, Watershed planning, Conservation of Natural Resources) Watershed Assessments are an excellent method of identifying landscape-scale environmental issues and targeting restoration projects that address those issues. Foster Wheeler Environmental conducted a landscape assessment on the 640,000 acre Upper … Continue reading

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Ponderosa Pine in the Colorado Front Range: Long Historical Fire and Tree Recruitment Intervals and a Case for Landscape Heterogeneity.

Abstract (Forest Ecology, Wildfires/Rehabilitation, Restoration Areas, Erosion) An unloggedd forest landscape in the Colorado Front Range provides insight into historical characteristics of ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir landscapes where the past fire regime was mixed severity with mean fire intervals of 50 years … Continue reading

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Special Issue: Forest Challenges Today and Tomorrow.

Summary (Pollution, Wildfires, Recreation, Forest Disease, Forest Ecology, Forest Management, Community Preparedness, Restoration Areas) This report compiled by the Colorado State Forest Service contains information on the current state of forests in Colorado as well as projections as to future … Continue reading

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Review of U.S.D.A. Forest Service Community-Based Watershed Restoration Partnerships Appendix: Reviews of Watershed Projects.

Summary (Restoration Areas, Watershed Planning, Economic Redevelopment) The Blue Mountain Demonstration Area BMDA was initiated through agreement between Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Chief the Forest Service Mike Domback and Assistant Secretary Agriculture Jim Lyons June. The key drivers behind the … Continue reading

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