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Meso- and Microscale Features of a Colorado Cold Front.

Abstract (Atmosphere) Data from the NOAA BAO (Boulder Atmospheric Observatory) tower and the PROFS (Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services) surface mesonetwork have been used to detect the meso- and microscale flow patterns associated with the passage of a … Continue reading

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Hayman Fire Rehabilitation Treatment Monitoring Progress Report Addendum, 2002-2006: Sediment Yields, Runoff, and Ground Cover in the First Four Years after the Hayman Fire.

Abstract (Water Quality, Atmosphere, Erosion, Wildfires – Rehabilitation) This report is an addendum to the 2002-2005 progress report, and presents data collected in 2006. All tables and figures have been updated with data from 2006. Background, methods, and results from … Continue reading

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