Colorado’s Public Lands: Engaging Our Communities in Their Care and Protection Report on the Impact of Volunteer Stewardship in 2010

The crisis facing Colorado’s public lands is at a critical point. The combination of budget cuts, environmental stressors, population and development pressure and increasing use of our lands demands a response. The good news is that our communities care tremendously about these public lands, are willing to help and in 2010 contributed over 1.3 million hours of volunteer labor. Volunteers cared for habitats, built trails, preserved historic structures, educated youth and adults about the environment, staffed visitor centers and much, much more. The combined value of these efforts equates to nearly $28 million.

This report has been compiled and publically released in April, 2011 because of the generosity of a number of organizations who felt it was important enough to contribute funding to the effort. These organizations include: Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Responsible Recreation Foundation, Colorado Mountain Club, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, Colorado Youth Corps Association, Colorado State Parks, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, and the Outdoor Industry Association.

Link: StewardshipImpactReportFinal2011

Various Authorship (2011)

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, 600 S. Marion Parkway, Denver, CO 80209


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