Case Study of the Upper South Platte Watershed, Colorado.


(Restoration Areas, Watershed planning, Conservation of Natural Resources)

Watershed Assessments are an excellent method of identifying landscape-scale environmental issues and targeting restoration projects that address those issues. Foster Wheeler Environmental conducted a landscape assessment on the 640,000 acre Upper South Platte Watershed in Colorado in 60 days. While this rapid assessment approach focused only on the information required to rank watersheds by restoration need, it evaluated a full range of environmental information at both the subwatershed and watershed level with respect to the key questions. The result was a ranking of restoration need by watershed and recommendations for restoration activities. Restoration activities are now being planned, based on the assessment results.


Piehl, B. & Stewart, T. (2000).

Watershed, 28: 1744-1771.   doi: 10.2175/193864700785150079

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