Upper South Platte Watershed Protection and Restoration Project: Pike & San Isabel National Forests. Annual Report 2002.

Brief Summary

(Stakeholders, Wildfires)

This report stems from a partnership between seven primary partners, each seeking involvement with the Upper South Platte Watershed. This particular report stems from a reaction to the intensity of the fire season of 2002, and within the report the goals of the partnership are clearly laid out.

Link: http://www.fs.fed.us/largewatershedprojects/annualreports/2002%20Annual%20Reports/2002%20USPlatte%20Ann%20Rpt,%20Nov%207.PDF.pdf

Hessel, D. (2002).

Retrieved from http://www.fs.fed.us/largewatershedprojects/annualreports/2002%20Annual%20Reports/2002%20USPlatte%20Ann%20Rpt,%20Nov%207.PDF.pdf

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