Review of U.S.D.A. Forest Service Community-Based Watershed Restoration Partnerships Appendix: Reviews of Watershed Projects.


(Restoration Areas, Watershed Planning, Economic Redevelopment)

The Blue Mountain Demonstration Area BMDA was initiated through agreement between Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Chief the Forest Service Mike Domback and Assistant Secretary Agriculture Jim Lyons June. The key drivers behind the establishment the BMDA were local community groups and governments who were concerned about the economic social and environmental risks facing their communities. The BMDA was selected large scale watershed program demonstration area because its watersheds are considered high priorities for restoration its communities are considered risk economically. This appendix is a review of fourteen watershed projects: Blue Mountains Demonstration Area; Chattooga River Watershed; Conasauga River Watershed; Lost Rivers National Learning Site; Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley; Pacific Coast Watershed; Potomac River Watershed; Rio Penasco River Watershed; St Joe Ecosystem; Upper Kootenai River Watershed; Upper Pit River Watershed; Upper Sevier River Community Watershed; Upper South Platte River Watershed; and White River Partnership.


Doppelt, B. & Shinn, C. ( 2002).

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